Friday, October 25, 2013

  Today is Friday! Thank God! Even though I work every day I can, I never feel like I have a "weekend", but honestly, I kind of like it! 
  I haven't posted in well over a year! That's crazy. TIme flies... and so does life. My life has kind of been flipped up side down this year. It's been super stressful and I feel like I'm lost in a whirl wind... wondering "what is my purpose". This can't be where I stop. I know there is more to me and more to life than this. I packed up and moved to Chicago with my boyfriend. NEVER did I think that would actually happen and I am SO glad I did it and wonder often why it took me so long to make the jump! I work in Real Estate and honestly LOVE IT. I wish it was busier year round and I'm working to find my nitch. 
   I must get back to work! I will write more, more often!

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's been about a year now.....

     I think I could have a 100 blogs, about a 100 different things! There's so much going on in life..... so much to write about!
     To catch everyone up..... It's been awhile!, Christmas was a hit this year! I'm always grateful for any and everything I get! I mean after all it's not MY birthday anyways! Just a few hit things that I got-- a remote start for my car, omg, been wanting one for SO long! I got 3 new coats, tons of new scarfs, new boots, (which I haven't been able to wear yet b/c of the gross IL weather (have I mentioned how I hate IL?!)), I got funky nail polish (I've really been scoping out that Lynnderella nail polish! I can't believe people are bidding as high as $50 on ebay for it! really!? Maybe I need to start making nail polish on the side!?), hmph, what else did I get? I got some good chocolate!, pac man for wii (yess!), a leather collar for Wyn!, and a bunch more! I could go on for awhile, but I don't have much time today.....
     Coming into the new year I have had some time to reflect and think about  my life and goals going forward. I have set some goals for myself this year and what I want to accomplish! Looking back and reflecting on my goals I set last year I kept/made some and I lost focus on others! 
      This year my goal is to open my own business.... which is in the works as we speak!!! Who knows what it will become!? But I'm ready to take the leap! I'm ready to live my dreams.... I will release all the information in a few days.... 
           STAYED TUNED!!!!! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What would we do with out wine in this world!?

     Ugh, it's another Seattle-type-of-day here! Well I'm not sure it's so COLD there! It's been like this all day... and the forecast is saying it's going to be this way for awhile. What happened to April showers!? It's not April here fellas! 
      Wine. Wine is such a refreshing invigorating  beverage! Definitely my drink of choice! Has been for years. I love how you can add to it and make it just what you are feeling for that day! This past weekend I definitely needed some fruity, smooth but strong wine! Sangria was the first thing that came to my mind! This is the easiest sangria to make and it's just too good!
      I made a mental list and off to the store I was! 

    Here is what you will need: (this makes 2 pitchers (Mr. Coffee Tea maker size pitchers)

1 Tangerine 
1 small container of Blackberries
About 5 Strawberries
1 Mango
2 Kiwi's 
1 small cluster of grapes
1 sweet but crispy apple
1 Large gallon of Chablis wine
1 bottle of peach schnapps
2 Pitchers 
1 Bowl


1. Cut up all the fruit and put it in a bowl. 
2. Once all the fruit is cut up in the bowl, pour the wine and the schnapps in the bowl and let it soak over night. 
This is the wine I used

For best results let the fruit soak over night in the wine and schnapps, then add remaining the next day! 

The next day I was definitely enjoying myself! 
Once it's soaked, enjoy a glass! Add a garnish!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Make it yourself!

      Ugh, it's Monday morning and it's pretty blah looking here in IL. I get a little confused if I live in Seattle or IL at times, it's always muggy and raining here lately! But as a friend reminded me today, It may be Monday and blah, but take it as a "fresh start". It's a new beginning! So on that note, here's to a new beginning Monday! 
      So I wanted to make some changes in my life and see how much money I can save in a set amount of time.... I'm debating on the time frame? 6 months? A year? I started searching through all the things that you buy on a regular basis and how you could save money on those items! One thing I thought of that I HATE buying is laundry soap! So let the searching begin how to make your own and save! 
     I'm stoked, not only is it cheaper but it last forever! Well based off doing about 10 loads a week, it lasts about 11 months! It's very strong and it only takes a tablespoon per load! 

      Here is the recipe I found:
1. 1 x 4lb box of Borax (sold at Walmart)
2. 1 x 4lb box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
3. 1 x 4lb box of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
4. 3 x bars of Fels-naptha soap (or 1-2 large bars of Zote soap!)
5. 2 x small containers of oxyclean (sold at the dollar store!)

1. Use a cheese grater and grate your soap just like you would cheese. You can use a food processor if you don't have a grater. 

2. Toss all of the ingredients into a 5 gallon bucket or box lined with a plastic garbage bag (this makes your house smell good too!)

*Once your laundry detergent is all mixed, store it however you like! I made this container and bought a measuring spoon from the dollar store! 

Super easy and money saving!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


     So it's been a crazy week! Not only did I find out we have to move again soon, our dog also had puppies! They were born Monday evening starting at about 5pm until about 3am. She delivered 9 puppies. The runt didn't make it =( I think he was just too little and was too weak. I set my alarm every hour for the duration of the night last night to try everything I had to make it a survivor. It just wasn't enough. Maybe he's better off; Not in pain or living a less than great life b/c his organs didn't develop correctly. Sad. 
     But we have 8 healthy very energetic <already> pups! They were born on Oct 31st-Nov 1st so they will be due to be let go to their new homes on Christmas Eve! How perfect! I hope that we can get a cute Christmas picture with all of them before we send them on their ways to their new homes! 
     Today, November 3rd, I am taking them in to get their dew claws extracted and their tails docked. They say the sooner you can get them in to get them done, the better, since they are so young they don't have feeling yet so the procedures won't hurt them. That's good to know! 
     I am searching for a way to color coat them so the new owners will  be able to view our puppy cam and watch their puppy as it grows! I wish I had that option when I got my boxer!
     My dog is the male/the father. We got him a little over a year ago (Oct 15th to be exact) for my 29th birthday. We drove near Springfield IL to pick him out. I was first interested in the reverse brindle. I really wanted an all black boxer, I wanted a rarity! Sure enough, I ended up with a rarity! An all white boxer! Who ended up being the perfect fit! 
     Just a few months ago the two (Gabi (the mother) and Wynsten (the father)) began to show interest in each other.... and what do you know, 9 weeks later the puppies are here! They are in great health and will  be taken the best care of by us! Guaranteed! 

                                   I will blog as the days come and post more pics!